Guide to Buying Glass for Picture Frames

Below is a guide to choosing the perfect glass for you picture frames for your artwork or photograph.

How to measure your picture frame for a piece of glass

Using Backing Board or Mountboard

We would recommend measuring the existing mountboard or backing board that sits currently within your frame.This will determine the size of the external measurement of the glass.

Using Your Existing Frame

Alternatively, if you have a frame without a mount of backing, measure the internal part of the moulding.To ensure the glass fits neatly within the frame, we recommend subtraction 3mm (1/8") off each dimension.

Do I need acrylic glazing or real glass?

Real glass may be the obvious choice for your picture frame, however, if you are concerned about the weight of your frame or the frame is going to be put somewhere where it could be smashed then Acrylic would be the best choice as it is both lightweight and shatter resistant.

Benefits of Acrylic:

  • Lightweight
  • Shatter resistant
  • Stronger than real glass

Benefits of Real Glass:

  • Less easily scratched
  • Resistant to temperature change

Compare different types of glass

The picture frame glass that you choose can make a big difference to the overall look of your frame. Use our table of technical details of each of the types of glass we sell below to help you choose the one to suit your needs perfectly.

Glass Type
Shatter Resistant
99% UV Protection
2mm Float Glass2mmGlasscurrency_pound
2mm Acrylic Glass2mmAcryliccurrency_poundcheck
3mm Acrylic Glass3mmAcryliccurrency_poundcheck
3mm AcryGuard Acrylic Glass3mmAcryliccurrency_poundcurrency_poundcheckcheck
Tru Vue Conservation UV Filter Glass2.5mmGlasscurrency_poundcurrency_poundcheck
Tru Vue UltraVue Glass2mmGlasscurrency_poundcurrency_poundcheck
Tru Vue Clear Museum Glass2.5mmGlasscurrency_poundcurrency_poundcurrency_poundcheckcheck
Tru Vue Optium Museum Acrylic3mmAcryliccurrency_poundcurrency_poundcurrency_poundcheckcheckcheck

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