3mm Acrylic Glass Cut to Size

Acrylic Glass is also know as Plexiglass or Perspex and it is particularly suitable for picture frames.Acrylic Glass, also known as Plexiglass or Perspex is particularly suitable for picture frames.It is strong, yet lightweight, age-resistant and weather-proof.

Please note that this is not cheap Polystyrene! Order this to replace low quality or broken glass in existing photo or picture frames. Unlike standard float glass used in picture frames which has a greenish tinge, acrylic is totally clear. It is much safer than glass and has a much higher impact strength than glass. When smashed standard glass will break into very dangerous shards whereas acrylic tends to break into larger pieces with generally much duller and safer edges.

  • Highly transparent sheet with a light transmission of 92%
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Good resistance to dilute acids and alkali
  • Comes with protection film on both sides, ready for you peel off and fit into your frame.
  • We will supply acrylic to the size of your order
  • 3mm thick acrylic, unlike acrylic or styrene supplied with the lowest cost frames which can be as thin as 1mm - this acrylic is very strong.

We take great care in cutting the acrylic glazing to the exact size you order, but please expect a tolerance of +/- 1mm in your bespoke cut pieces.

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3mm Acrylic Glass3mm Acrylic Glass3mm Acrylic Glass