3mm AcryGuard Acrylic Glass Cut to Size

A strong, clear, 3mm thick acrylic glazing offering 99% UV filtration for conservation purposes.

Unlike standard float glass, which has a greenish tinge, or UV filtered glass, which can have a reddish tinge, acrylic is totally clear. It is much safer than glass and has a much higher impact strength than glass. When smashed standard glass will break into very dangerous shards whereas acrylic tends to break into larger pieces with generally much duller and safer edges. This makes it ideal for public spaces, or where safety is paramount, such as in a child's bedroom.

Our cut to size 3mm UV Protected Acrylic is provided with a protective film on both sides - since one side is coated with the UV filtration film, it is important that the blue-filmed side faces inside your frame, and the pink-filmed side faces out.

  • Highly transparent sheet with no noticeable tint or diffusion
  • UV coating absorbs 99% of UV radiation
  • Scratch resistant coating reduces the likelihood of damage during cleaning
  • Easily cleaned with microfibre cloth and standard dish soap
  • Comes with protection film on both sides, ready for you peel off and fit into your frame

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AcryGuard Acrylic Glass Cut to Size